Main purpose of tax consulting services

Bearing in mind the legal and economic situation in Slovenia, we believe the main purpose of consulting services to include the following:

  • solutions conforming with the current legislation in theRepublic of Slovenia,
  • and leading to a temporal optimisation of tax payments;because any delay - or payment made before it is due - generatesadditional costs or loss of revenue,
  • as well as optimisation of tax deductions and exemptionsresulting in increased profit,
  • to achieve that, we will make good use of not only strictlytax-related but also other regulations having an impact on thetaxation levels,
  • last but not least, all data provided to us will be used in aconfidential way, to protect our clients.

To meet your needs, Sircelj Consulting Co. boasts all of the resources needed to prepare, organise and conduct training programmes and workshops covering specific areas or issues, and backed by appropriate reference materials.